All research can benefit from multidisciplinary perspectives! Music and Dance are contextually intertwined with areas such as politics, economics and religion. They can be indicators of social trends and they can be representative of cultural change. As a central theme for this conference, they offer scholars the opportunity for interdisciplinary dialogue.

You may be researching rural economics and you may not have realised the connections between your research and local art forms; You may be performing a study of indigenous martial arts and not understood its connection to national ideology. Or, you might be an ethnomusicologist looking to draw links between your research and political and religious movements. It is important for music and dance to be situated in the larger context of Indonesian culture. Similarly, it is important that researchers in other domains are aware of the powerful metaphors found in the arts. Whatever discipline you are, the “Music and Movements in Indonesian Culture Conference and Workshops” offers you the opportunity to expand and explore upon your research in new and fruitful directions.

Each day has a separate theme with Tuesday for Music and Movement, Wednesday for Movements (political movements, social movements, dance movements etc.) and Thursday for Music. Those people in choreomusicology, dance anthropology and ethnomusicology but not working on Indonesia are also invited to present on theory and methods.


•To create awareness of Indonesian culture through music and movement
• To promote Indonesia as a region of diverse artistic, political, economic, cultural and social characteristics.
•To present new research findings in the field of Southeast Asian Studies.
•To encourage exchange of ideas and information among researchers, artists and the general public involved in researching, teaching and performing Indonesian art, music and dance.
•To encourage intellectual discourse and practical collaborations among researchers, academics, artists, governments, private sector and NGOs on issues pertaining to Indonesia.

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