Even if Indonesian art, music and dance is not your area, we encourage all researchers who may have something to say about current movements in Indonesian Culture to present a Speed Paper. Or are you interested in ethnomusicology theory, the practice of dance anthropology, methods for choreomusicology or the presentation of ethnochoreological data? If so, we encourage your participation and anticipate that you will introduce yourself to fellow researchers through a Speed Paper Presentation.

Speed papers

  • provide a great way for participants to learn about our range of disciplines and collaborative opportunities;
  • provide a large amount of varied feedback on your research ideas for very little effort;
  • give participants a reduced registration fee

Speed paper presentations will be published online. Participants will be asked to provide a 150-200 word abstract for the project they want to present. Speed paper presentations will consist of four PowerPoint slides. Participants may wish to outline a project they are interested in –- a current project, or one that is planned, or maybe even one that has been rejected by a funding body. Participants may choose to:

  • describe their research project;
  • describe and discuss the Big Question in your field;
  • describe and discuss a whacky or whimsical idea couched within the safety of a ‘Festival of Doubt’-type approach;
  • appeal for collaboration; or
  • provide an overview of your career so far.

The idea is to adopt one of these approaches and discuss the material within four slides and five minutes.



As an example, you may wish to replace the text on the following four template slides with your own material.


Slide 1: Title Slide

  • A photo of yourself; project title; your name, discipline, and affiliation; research interests.

Slides 2-3: Research Project Information

  • Introduction, Research Methods, Any results, small discussion etc…
  • The what, where and why of the research…

Slide 4: Implications, Applications

What are the implications of the project or ideas for:

  • theory
  • applications
  • further research

These four slide outlines are designed to assist you in making your slides.