Alfira O’Sullivan and Paul Mason are working together in the organisation of this Conference. Paul is a PhD student in Anthropology focusing on West Javanese and West Sumatran music and Pencak Silat. Alfira is a dance artist specialising in North Sumatran and Javanese dance. She has strong Industry links and works closely with the Indonesian community in Sydney. This is their first opportunity to organise a joint academic-industry conference.

Alfira O’Sullivan

Alfira is a graduate of the Bachelor of International Studies (Asian Studies/Indonesian Studies) at the University of New South Wales (2007). As Artistic Director of Sanggar Suara Indonesia Dance Troupe, (Sydney), Alfira has organized and coordinated dance workshops and performances at schools, universities and festivals across Victoria, ACT, NSW, QLD, Java and Aceh. Festivals include Inspirasi Indonesian Arts Festival (Byron Bay, 2005), Peats Ridge Festival (2005), Coastfest (Gosford, 2005), Gang Contemporary Arts Festival (Chippendale 2006), Darmint’s Pasar Festival (Jakarta, 2006), Festival Seni Pertunjukan Internasional (Jogjakarta, 2006), The Swiwedari Festival (Solo, 2007), EarthSpirit Women’s Festival (Blue Mountains 2007), Nusantara Festival (Brisbane, 2007), Woolloomooloo Festival (Sydney, 2007),  amongst others. From September 2000 till August 2005, Alfira was the Program manager and events coordinator for Radio Suara Indonesia 89.7FM, Paddington NSW. Since 2005, Alfira has worked closely with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia conducting workshops in traditional dance at NSW primary and high schools to promote Indonesian cultural studies to Australian students.

She was a key organizer of post-tsunami fund-raising for Acehnese victims (2005), raising over $50,000. In 2006, she provided on-the-ground support for victims of the Jogja earthquake. She has also served as Project Manager for Caritas Czech Republic, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, June 2006-September 2007.



Paul Mason

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