Tuesday 7th October 2008
9:15am – Registration, Meet and Greet
10:00am – Opening Lecture delivered by Prof. Margaret Kartomi
11:00 am – Speed Paper Session
including presentations by Mirela Suciu, Paul Mason, Sarah Andrieu, Ana Dragojlovic, Monika Doxey, Rebecca Miatke, Nicholas Herriman, Sandra Bader, Jonathan McIntosh
Midday – $10 AUS for a packed Lunch (please register your choice of vegetarian/meet)
2:00pm – Workshop, Acehnese Body Percussion with Murtala

6pm Tuesday 7th October 2008
Performance and Cocktail Function
The night will feature over forty Indonesian and local artists who will be perfoming music and dance from Betawi, East Java, West Java, West Sumatera, Aceh and Bali.

Jam 18.00 s/d 19.00 Light refreshments to be served
Jam 19.00  Pembukaan oleh MC
2.  Kata Sambutan Duta Besar atau yang mewakili
3.  Kata Sambutan sekaligus membuka kegiatan oleh Konsulat jendral atau yang mewakili
4.  Pertunjukkan tari kreasi baru dari betawi.
5.  Pertunjukkan musik kecapi dari Jawa Barat
6.  Pertunjukkan Randai dari Sumatera Barat
7.  Pertunjukkan tari Banyuwangi dari Jawa Timur
8.  Pertunjukkan Silat kolaborasi gaya Minang dan Sunda.
9.  Pertunjukkan tari Likok Aneuk Nangroe dari Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam  
10.Pertunjukkan tari Telek dari Bali
11.Pertunjukkan tari Indang Ladoai dari Pariaman Sumatera Barat
12.Penutupan oleh MC

Wednesday 8th October
9:15am – Registration
9:30am – Opening Lecture Delivered by Sarah Anais Andrieu
10:30am – Presentation by Dr Ana Dragojlovic
11:00am - Presentation by Monica Doxey
11:30am – Presentation by Rebecca Miatke
Midday -  Presentation by Dr Nicholas Herriman
12:30pm – $10 AUS for a packed Lunch (please register your choice of vegetarian/meet)
2:00pm – Pencak Silat Workshop
3:15pm – Break
3:30pm – Indonesian Dance Workshop

Thursday 9th October
9:15pm – Registration
9:30am – Opening Lecture delivered by Prof. J. Lowell Lewis
10:30am – Presentation by Dr Jonathan McIntosh
11:00am – Presentation by Sandra Bader
11:30am- Presentation by Ade Suharto
Midday – $10 AUS for a packed Lunch (please register your choice of vegetarian/meet)
2:00pm – Interlocking workshop with Deva Permana

Participants are informed that there will be a small nominal charge to cover the buffet lunch on all three days.

Places are limited, please register now.