We are pleased to announce that research academics from Australian Universities all across the continent have answered the call to share their passion for research into Music and Movements in Indonesian Culture. Our list includes the following scholars:

  • Monika Doxey who will present on her research, “Indonesian enough? Performing Indonesian-ness in a migration setting Perth WA“  (Anthropology RSPAS ANU)
  • Rebecca Miatke will be speaking about the Gamelan and the Gong: Harmony in the Religion of Java (Philosophy and Religious Studies, Latrobe University )
  • Dr Ana Dragojlovic presenting on Balinese Dance and Music in the Contemporary Netherlands (Department of Anthropology Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies)
  • Dr Nicholas Herriman will deliver a presentation on Imagining the People: Cultural debate in post-Independence Indonesia (Monash Asia Institute, Monash University).
  • Jonathan McIntosh will talk about changes occurring in the children’s songs repertoire in Bali, Indonesia(School of Music, The University of Western Australia)
  • Sandra Bader who will be presenting Sounds of Self: The Dangdut Experience in Contemporary Java (Anthropology, Monash University)
  • Ade Suharto, independent Indonesian dance artist from Adelaide, will be presenting A view from the Bridge: A Dialogic Practice